About Dwelling Renovation

About Dwelling Renovation

Dwelling Renovation, the creation of Brian Crawford, is a full-service residential remodeling and restoration service located in Portland, Oregon. From hands on custom carpentry to full-scale home makeovers, Dwelling Renovation has your home covered.

Classically trained as an artist at the Herberger College of the Arts, Brian brings attention to detail and an ethics of craftsmanship to all of his work. After college, Brian began work as the exhibit builder for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale, Arizona. The museum has 18,500 square feet of temporary exhibition galleries that require continuous dismantling and reconstruction. Often as many as 25 exhibits or more were hosted in a year, and with only 52 weeks to build and install them the schedule is demanding. While at the museum he learned about rudimentary construction skills and holding them to the highest standards. As exhibits came and went, construction, installation and critical details remained an ever-present aspect of the process of building for the aesthetic demands of a critical public and an even more demanding curatorial staff. Moving forward from the museum to work as an independent contractor and to expand his experiential tool arsenal, Brian's experience ranged from apprenticing for a master decorative painter to custom framing, fixture and furnishing manufacture and to traveling the world installing intricate artwork for multinational art shows. Arriving in Portland, and falling in love with the home and its special relation to the owner, Brian has turned almost all of his attention for the last seven years to residential renovation and restoration. Now, in his thirteenth year in the construction and carpentry trades, he has well-honed skills and a thorough understanding that quality is about following the appropriate process to produce the desired result.

Dwelling Renovation is a new way of serving the remodeling and restoration needs of the greater Portland community. In an industry riddled with errors and amateurs, Brian is proud to boast of his happy and loyal customers. This service is about building trust and creating relationships that result in amazing home improvements. It is not simply a general contracting "middle man" that unnecessarily raises project costs. It is a business whose owner is hands on, and is directly involved in the manifestation of your project.

Dwelling Renovation is about where you live, its unique character and your particular qualities that your home reflects about you. Contact Dwelling Renovation today and make your home an embodiment of what your life is about!

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